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Flax is an environmentally friendly fiber: its cultivation requires very few inputs, almost no irrigation (99.9%, source: CELC), and helps improve the quality of the soil. It is also a local crop: 80% of the world's flax production is carried out in Europe, in an area stretching from Caen to Amsterdam. Finally, flax is a "zero waste" plant, as each part of the fiber can be recycled.

As much as is currently possible, the linen fabrics used by agnès b. are Masters of Linen® certified. This label guarantees high quality linen, where every stage of the production and processing is traceable, from the European Flax® fiber to the thread and the fabric.


Persian blue linen wrap shirtPersian blue linen long skirtPersian blue linen midi dressPersian blue linen Garçon trousersPersian blue linen Lysette shirtpastel blue linen Australie star t-shirtbeige linen sleeveless vestoff white linen midi dressdark beige linen Sanshui shirtdark beige linen capri trousersdark beige linen long dressbeige linen Alix scarfdark beige linen Lysette shirtdark beige linen long skirtbeige linen Maribel espadrillesbeige linen knot capoff white linen wrap shirtbeige and off white linen knit Melodie jumperoff white linen knit Corvette jumperbeige linen Capucine scarfpoppy red linen "agnès b." Gaston tank toppoppy red linen Australie star t-shirtpoppy red linen "agnès b." Tasmanie t-shirtpoppy red linen "agnès b." Cox t-shirtgrey linen tie collar Liseron shirtgrey linen Sanshui shirtgrey linen midi dressgrey linen long dressgrey linen tunic shirtdark grey linen pocket dressdark grey linen Fran shirt dressdark grey linen Telma long skirtdark grey linen Liseron shirtdark grey linen Tulia trousersdark grey linen New Cubana shirtgrey linen Capucine scarfblue striped linen coat dressblue striped linen Jah capblue striped linen short dungareesbeige linen Jah capblue striped linen shirtblue striped linen Worky pant-skirtblue striped linen Worky trousersblue striped linen Work skirtfuchsia and beige two-toned linen Caliste scarf ocher and blue two-toned linen Caliste scarfblue and green two-toned linen Caliste scarfblue and grey two-toned linen Caliste scarf