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Women's & men's fashion show summer 2020

2020… It’s the year of Africa!

For this Spring-Summer 2020 collection, agnès b. gives a tail of the little moments of mindlessness which occur in nice weather. A quick bike ride under the summer rain in Tokyo, a walk through Marseille’s hot streets, a diner in the garden with Oxmo Puccino’s captivating voice playing in the background...

Those moments are filled with strong characters imagined by agnès b. as she creates her collections; like the modern days D’Artagnan with his minimalist iron-grey work-suit, or the gangster girl straight out of a Tarantino movie who wears her black silk suit against her bare skin. This new collection also calls for softness, with a colour range going from discrete mauve to vivid orange, and coming in a variety of fabrics in which we feel at ease on hot days and that we elegantly layer when the wind blows.

In 2020, agnès b. celebrates Africa and pays tribute to the sapeurs through the creation of bright graphic looks designed for tasteful men who are not scared of being noticed.