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agnès b. in tandem with Café du Cycliste

agnès b. and Café du Cycliste have combined their talents in a brand-new collaboration!

This capsule collection, revealed for summer 2023, has two sides: the first is outdoor wear for everyday life, inspired by the world of cycling and the world of agnès b. : two types of zipped cardigan, and a unisex tank top and T-shirt, among other pieces.

The other side of the collection features technical clothing (cycling shorts and jerseys) for cyclists, based on agnès b.'s photographs. These photos, taken with a Harinezumi camera from a high-speed train, depict the speed that is synonymous with cycling.

agnès b. et Café du Cycliste
All agnès b. and Café du Cycliste products are made in France or Europe, by partner manufacturers with which the two brands have long-standing relationships.
This collaboration is a way for the two fashion houses to demonstrate their shared values :
freedom, authenticity, sharing, protection of the environment and prioritising manufacture in France or in Europe.

Café du Cycliste

Founded in 2009, Café du Cycliste offers clothing and accessories for various forms of cycling, with performance, outdoor and lifestyle collections for men and women with a daring attitude. They offer a complete wardrobe, manufactured mainly in Europe, with a prominent role given to recycled materials. Café du Cycliste is also a shop/café/workshop, a friendly place to come together in Nice's old port. More than a brand, Café du Cycliste is above all a free state of mind, with a flying fish as a logo and the slogan "Forever Outsiders" that represents outdoor adventures, with or without a bike!

Café du Cycliste