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Agnès b.

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5 days in Moscou in 1987

opening Thursday, July 12 in the presence of agnès
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From July 12th to September 22nd 2018, agnès b. exhibits in her shop in Marseilles her pictures taken during a trip in Moscow in the 80s’… a nod to Russia which has a burning issue thanks to the football world cup!!

In 1987, for Elle magazine and accompanied by Philippe Trétiack, agnès b. went to Moscow and found herself in the unknown: silent crowd, huge spaces… nothing looked like her Occidental landmarks. Her mission: discover new trends, new styles and new tastes, those of a world she knew nothing about and of a nation with a difficult daily life.

She observed, took notes, everywhere there were people with no style, gloomy colors…  She met famous fashion designers, with very different traditions from hers. But especially, she took pictures: kids very closed to their parents, merchants with amazing outfits… many details that surprised her and that she enjoyed to discover…


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